miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2007

Gimp 2.4.3 Para Ubuntu Gutsy

Tenemos disponible Gimp 2.4.3 para Linux Ubuntu Gutsy en éste LINK

Si desean incluirlo a sus repositorios agregen ésta linea a su archivo "/etc/apt/sources.list"

deb http://apt.schmidtke-hb.de gutsy main

Y agregar la llave del repositorio colocando lo siguiente en un terminal.

wget apt.schmidtke-hb.de/aptrepository.asc
sudo apt-key add aptrepository.asc

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sinozzuke dijo...

Hola Alexv: sabes que novedades trae?

sinozzuke dijo...

Me respondo, en la lista de cambios de gimp aparece esto:

Changes in GIMP 2.4.3

- avoid filename encoding problems in the WMF import plug-in (bug #499329)
- fixed horizontal flipping of linked layers (bug #499161)
- raised the priority of the display idle renderer to improve performance
on Win32 (bug #499150)
- fixed a missing update in the Lighting plug-in UI (bug #500317)
- fixed a potential crash in the projection code (bug #500178)
- fixed a minor Makefile issue (bug #500826)
- removed some pointless warnings from the JPEG and TIFF load plug-ins
- fixed size calculation for the image size warning dialog (bug #329468)
- fixed loading of tool options for the rectangle tools (bug #498948)
- push/pop a context in the Fog filter
- fixed potential crashes in the Python binding
- corrected grid drawing with non-integer spacing (bug #502374)
- fixed grid snapping for coordinates less than the grid offset
- made the healing brush work properly when dragged (bug #492575)
- update tool state when a device change happens (bug #493176)
- improved validation of strings sent over the wire (bug #498207)
- fixed integer check in Script-Fu (bug #498207)
- fixed potential out-of-memory problem in Script-Fu
- fixed compilation on msys/mingw (bug #503124)
- fixed localisation of Python plug-ins on Win32 (bug #502506)
- translation updates (ca, cs, de, gl, it, ko, lt, sv, uk)

Alexv dijo...

Ya encontraste los cambios y ni llegue a responder.

Un Gran Saludo Sinozzuke