domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

Blender: Ambient Occlusion con Nodos

Mike Pan a desarrollado una configuración de nodos en el compositor de Blender para lograr un interesante fake de Ambient Occlusion.

Con esto podemos reducir considerablemente los tiempos de render

Podemos ver el artículo completo en

  • NOT physically accurate! Only yields good results when used lightly in combination with textures.

  • Huge Z differences cause problem. This can be seen at edges where the mesh meets the sky.

  • Intensity is entirely dependent on the difference in Z value and not the normal rotation of the face.


  • Very generalized setup that works relatively well for all scenes.

  • Several hundreds times faster than ray-traced AO.

  • No other setup required other than the nodes.

  • Independent with camera clip values ·

  • Polygon count independent: can process a scene with 10 million polygon in 1 second.

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